Stand a Chance to Win a Christmas Prize Giveaway (Worth S$400)

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Hey Everyone!

We've been working really hard to bring you something fun for Christmas and we're so excited to finally share it!

To encourage a Kinder Christmas, we've collaborated with two amazing women from The Sustainability Project & Everyday Vegan to bring you three Limited Edition Gift Sets: A, B and C, that we've handpicked and designed together, featuring vegan and sustainable products which you can enjoy with your family, or give as gifts to your friends. They are now available for purchase on each of our online shops until midnight on December 24th 2018 (and while stocks last, there are only 3 gift sets per store.)

(From left to right: Gift Set A, Gift Set B, Gift Set C)

During this period, one lucky person also stands the chance of winning a Christmas Prize Giveaway (Worth S$400!). 

Please note that the Limited Edition Gift Sets and Christmas Prize Giveaway can only be purchased and/or awarded to those residing in Singapore. (We're terribly sorry and hope to include international customers in our special events in the future!)

The Christmas Prize Giveaway (Worth S$400) includes:

  • 100% Natural Revitalising Shampoo (from Everyday Vegan, S$26.80)
  • 100% Natural Revitalising Conditioner (from Everyday Vegan, S$27.90)
  • Upcycled Mini Royal Backpack (from Everyday Vegan, S$100.00)
  • SOL Glass Bottle (from The Sustainability Project, S$50.00)
  • Nesting Containers (from The Sustainability Project, S$40.00)
  • Christmas Card (from The Sustainability Project, S$5.00)
  • Produce Bag (from The Sustainability Project, S$20.00)
  • Snack Pouch (from The Sustainability Project, S$18.00)
  • Xlear Xylosweet All-Natural Xylitol Sweetener 454g (from Kind Grocer, S$23.50)
  • Solgar Sublingual Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) 5000mcg 60 Nuggets (from Kind Grocer, S$34.90)
  • Solgar Sweetest Dreams 30 Vegetables Capsules (from Kind Grocer, S$17.00)
  • Solgar Ester-C 500mg Vitamin C 100 Capsules (from Kind Grocer, S$28.00)
  • Spry Natural Toothpaste with Xylitol and Aloe - Peppermint Flavor (Fluoride-free) 141g (from Kind Grocer, S$9.90)
  • Silk Almondmilk Single - Dark Chocolate 240ml (from Kind Grocer, S$3.20)
  • Slim Secrets Choc Love Bites - Dark Chocolate with Mint Crisps 36g (Kind Grocer, S$4.30)
  • Silk Soymilk Organic Unsweetened 946ml (from Kind Grocer, S$6.30)

Here's how you can participate for a chance to win the Christmas Prize Giveaway:

1. Sign up with your email on any of our websites (Kind Grocer, Everyday Vegan and The Sustainability Project) and you'll earn ONE chance at winning! Sign up on all three websites and you get THREE chances in the Christmas Draw.

2. Make a purchase on any of our sites and every $10.00 you spend will earn you TWO chances. 
This is valid during the period of December 1st to December 25th 2018. If you spend $50.00, you have 10 chances towards winning the prize.

3. Purchase any Limited Edition Christmas Gift Set: A, B or C (there are only 3 per site!) and every $10.00 spent on a gift set gives you THREE chances, thus tripling your odds at winning.
So, if you spend $50.00, you have 15 chances in the Christmas Draw.

The Christmas Draw officially closes on December 25th 2018 at midnight (0000hrs).

The LIVE Christmas Draw will be conducted on December 25th 2018 at 4pm (1600hrs).

Make sure to check our instagram accounts for updates:

Got it?

All the best and good luck! <3 

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